Section 1 : Getting Started complete by November 30, 2014
  • Watch this 2 minute video, TWITTER IN PLAIN ENGLISH
  • Go to TWITTER and create an account. We encourage you to use some version of your name if possible.
  • Read this help document that may answer some Twitter questions you have.
  • Read this Beginner's Guide to Twitter.
  • Follow your teachers Ann (@annfeldmann1), Jeanette (@mrsjcarlson) and Jenny (@jennykbps).
  • Click on Ann, Jenny, and Jeanette's Profile and read their tweets and see who they are following.
  • Watch this screencast on how to compose a tweet & then Send a tweet with your favorite website or something going on in your classroom. (ex. I am using today.)
  • Once your teachers, Jeanette, Jenny, and Ann, are following you, Direct Message each of your teachers (Ann, Jenny, and Jeanette) with why you took the class (in 140 characters)!! You will be unable to DM (Direct Message) them until they follow you. Watch this screencast on how to send a Direct Message
  • Send each of your teachers' a tweet (which is an @mention with their Twitter name in the tweet, for ex. @annfeldmann1 Thanks for having this on-line class) Watch this screencast on how to send an @mention tweet
  • Update your profile, be sure to include the subject or content area that you teach. This makes it easier for people to follow you in the future because of the similarities you have. Select a photo or a google image for your profile picture otherwise you will have the egg image. It doesn't have to be your face, but we think anything is better than the default egg.
  • Add your contact information to this GOOGLE SURVEY. (make sure you are registered with Twitter before filling this out)

Section 2: Developing a Personal Learning Network Complete by December 31, 2014
  • Watch this 8 minute video from TED TALKS, Listen to Evan Williams the co-creator of Twitter and Nebraska native at
  • Click here for a contact list of your classmates and their Twitter names. These are the survey results from Section 1.
  • Follow all of your classmates. The easiest way to do this is by going to Ann (@annfeldmann1) , Jeanette (@mrsjcarlson) and Jenny (@jennykbps) 's profile and click on followers. Then you will see all of the people they are following. You can easily click a follow button from their profile list to follow your classmates or other people you choose too. Click here for the handout on following people.
  • Send an educational / helpful TWEET (for ex. Your favorite website, how you have used technology in the classroom, or a great lesson you taught this week.)
  • Find and follow at least 5 other professionals from this list created by @annfeldmann1
  • Here is a link to all the BPS teachers we are aware of on Twitter. Follow at least 5 of them.
  • At the end of section 2 all students in this class should be following each other.
  • Read your classmates Profiles (near the end of Section 2).
  • Direct Message one of your classmates that you now follow. When you receive a Direct Message make sure to reply. You will also receive a Direct Message from your teachers, make sure to reply to them as well. *NOTE - you will not be able to Direct Message (DM) a classmate unless they are following you.

Section 3 : Expanding your Network January 31, 2015
  • Being part of a PLN (Personal Learning Network) on Twitter has a set of unwritten rules. Read this document so you are familiar with Twitter Etiquette.
  • Download TWEETDECK
  • Get used to the tweetdeck environment and send a TWEET, Direct Message someone, and reply to a TWEET (an @mention) using Tweetdeck. You may notice Tweets, @mentions, and Direct Messages start popping up on the screen as they come in. You can adjust these pop-ups in your settings on Tweetdeck. Watch this YOU TUBE video from our #tt4t channel on how to Tweet using Tweetdeck.
  • Read about #hashtags and educational hashtags to follow, here and check out all these hashtags compiled by the great @cybraryman1 and read this article on how to use Twitter for professional development.
  • Watch this video on adding a column for a hashtag to TweetDeck.
  • Add 3 columns to your Tweetdeck and search the hashtag #edchat or #ipadacademy and #tt4t. Tweetdeck will start pulling up Tweets that have the #edchat #ipadacademy or #tt4t Hashtag in the Tweet from all over the world and BPS.
  • Retweet an idea from #edchat #ipadacademy or #tt4t that you think would be good for the group.
  • Go to this list created by your tech trainers BPS educators List and iPad Academy teachers Find 5 more people to follow, or go to your teachers @jennykbps, @mrsjcarlson, or @annfeldmann1 profiles and find people to follow from who they follow. Watch this video on viewing profiles in Tweetdeck.
  • For fun you may want to follow someone FAMOUS (not required). Go here:
  • If you are interested in having a Google Hangout one evening at 9:00pm CST to ask questions you might have about Twitter, Tweetdeck, or anything regarding this class and preparing for our #tt4t Chat please contact Ann, Jenny, or Jeanette.

Section 4: Share what you have learned Complete by February 14, 2015
  • Take a look at this weekly schedule of chats. Add another column to your Tweetdeck and search for one of the hashtags on this list that interest you.
  • Read this blog post and leave a comment on Twitter Etiquette
  • Participate in our class CHAT on-line following our hashtag #tt4t (TechTools 4 Teaching) on Wednesday, October 15 from 8:00-8:45 PM. You will need to search and add a column for #tt4t to group our conversation easily. ARCHIVE OF OUR #tt4t CHAT: #tt4t CHAT 7/26/2012
  • Here is a list of the questions we will discuss as a group in our CHAT. Please read this over prior to the CHAT so you are ready for the event.
  • You may want to turn off Notification pop-ups on Tweetdeck before and during the chat. The pop-ups and potentially the sounds will be good to turn off during the CHAT so that you are not constantly dealing with pop ups and sounds. Click on the two lines with small circles on them at the top of the Column. A drop down appears and one of your choices is alerts. Click on the word Alerts and you will be able to uncheck the box for pop-ups or sounds.
  • Go to this list of Google Certified and Tech Gurus and find five more people to follow.
  • Fill out this Google Survey. Your answer to the first question should be at least 75 words.


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